Coil Tubing (CT) to overcome harsh downhole enviroment


Conventional carbon steel CT is more adequate to meet the needs of most field operation. 

However, some corrosive downhole environments dictate the use of improved CT materials. 

Sandvik SAF2507 material has a long experience in the Oil & Gas industry and can help you overcome harsh downhole challenges.

SAF2507 has high resistance to general corrosion. Higher resistance to H2S and CO2. Excellent fatigue performance and high mechanical strength.  


Standard dimensions:







1" 25,4 2,4 mm up to 2,8 mm  
1 1/4" 31,75 2,4 mm up to 3,9 mm  
1 1/2" 38,1 2,4 mm up to 4,4 mm  
1 3/4" 44,45 2,8 mm up to 4,8 mm  
2" 50,8 3,4 mm up to 4.8 mm  
2 3/8" 60,3 3,4 mm up to 4,8 mm

*CT can be delivered in metal spools according to standard specification for offshore operation. 


  • Velocity strings
  • IGLS - Inverted Gas Ligt System
  • Artificial lift, ESP


Becoming a supplier of coiled tubing to the Oil & Gas market in Norway require test and verification of material quality and operational challenges.

SAF2507 coil has been verified all aspect and tested according to API, ASTM, NORSOK, Statoil's TR and internal verification tests providing issues like butt weld quality, creep behavior, fatigue and operational testing.

Bellow you can read in general the testings performed:


SAF2507 seamless coiled tubing (CT) samples with and without butt-welds has been tested according to current standards for CT operations,

The university of Tulsa was choose for the fatigue testing. 

The tubes was tested in high and low pressure bent over a mandrel with 48" radius of curvature and straightened while sustaining an internal pressure. Low and high pressure values of 1250 psi and 7150 psi were used, corresponding to circumferential stress of 7% and 40% of the normal yield strength of the tubing. The samples where cycled until they failed by loss of internal pressure.

All of the stainless steel butt welded samples exceeded the lives predicted for weld-free carbon steel tubing at the same diameter and thickness.



Verifying that the equipment to be used in operation for the IGLS installation can handle the use of 25Cr seamless tube. A well known service company in Norway was asked to propose a method of verification.

The test had to involve shearing the tubing as per Statoil’s ARIS system with three parallel pieces and then pressure testing the BOP to ensure that seal has been made. Additionally it had to be necessary to pull test the pipe in the slip BOP, to examine how significantly the pipe will be marked under similar conditions when it is run in the well.

The testing was witnessed/verified by independent third party, and a certified issued

The testing was carried out to comply with Statoil ARIS TR3544 (3.3) and NORSOK D-002 (5.2.5). As per API 16A all shear tests will need to be successfully conducted three times for a successful test.

The customer had additional stated that the testing be carried out to NORSOK D-002 Appendix B, in that the samples must be under compression, tension and neutral force equivalent to a wellhead pressureof 3000 psi, which is equivalent to 7215 lbf.



After a succsessfill verification/test the customer ordred coiled tube to be installed in two well at the Statfjord A platform for a Inverted Gas Lift System (IGLS.

1 3/4" 0.157" (44.5mm x 4mm) x 7500m was delivered according to project requirements and installed 2014.

For more details, please contact us directly.

Sandvik Material Tecnology EMEA AB has appointed Tala Offshore AS to be their point of contact in Norway for Control & Chemical injection tubing requirements.