Rings & Bars


Our material business is based on the sale of steel, with a focus on qualities, dimensions and products.

Tala Offshore AS have well-established contacts among manufacturers and warehouses around Europe, which means we can supply your order quickly.

Tala Offshore AS have also well-established contacts to help you with the machining of products following your drawings.

Typical products of delivery:

Riser systems

Stress joints, keel joints and transition joints.

Capability to supply very long, one piece joints. Joints can be manufactured to a maximum length of 58 feet (17.7 metres).

Subsea processing systems

Growth in the use of subsea processing has brought a renewed focus on high integrity castings and forgings for pumps, compressors, connestors and separators subsea.

A key capability is the production of high strength cast and forged pressure vessels.

Rings & Bars

Rings and bars from in dimensions from Ø200mm to 6000mm in various materials

Please send your inquiry including:


  • ID x OD x Length
  • Material quality
  • Material standard

Tala Offshore AS will be proud to deliver our service to you